Thursday, August 26, 2010

Using Martha Stewart Corner Punches to Cut in Circles

I'm always so very excited when I find a new technique to use. Today, I discovered using the corner punches from the Martha Stewart punch sets to make a lacy circle. The tutorial that I found was using the loopy punch, but I didn't have that one, so I tried it with the ones that I did have and lo and behold...they worked too! YAY! Now I'm thinking I need to get more of these little gems! Think of the possibilities! No more buying doilies! You can create your own out of cardstock or patterned paper or you can do them on white and mist, ink, chalk... Or you can cut the middle out in a smaller circle and make a cute little picture frame. So versatile! Ok, I'm getting out of control here. But I'm just SOOOOO excited! The link I found for anyone interested is here. These are 2 examples that I was fooling around with. They didn't come out evenly, but hey, as scrappers we become masters at hiding things we don't want to show! LOL! The fan style was alot easier and faster to do than the double loop. That one took abit of practice and I still didn't get it exactly right, but it has possibilities. I think I like the fan one better. It has more of a lacy effect and was super easy to do. And you know I'm into easy! LOL!


Cindy Gay said...

Thanks for this! A great idea.

Sandy Davis said...

How awesome and thanks for sharing the tutorial. I am going to definatley try these. Your examples came out pretty good!