Tuesday, August 24, 2010

My Little Sketch Blook Aug. 8 Sketch

Yet another fabulous sketch from Liz Qualman! I just find her sketches so easy to work with! This is Noah at 7 months old. He was a really good eater right from the start. He loved just about everything and would eat and make appreciative noises about it! "MMMMMMMM" was one of his favourites. He would ball his little fists up and make this cute little grunting noise to voice his displeasure if you didn't feed him fast enough. He hardly ever dribbled any food and we could feed him without a bib as he wasn't a very messy baby. It was mainly us that would make the mess by missing his mouth! LOL!

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Sandy Davis said...

Great take on the sketch and love the LO. I think its great that you worked in another squirrel, there my favorite. I like that border, it kinda reminds me of cheese. What is it actually called?