Monday, August 23, 2010

More for Noah's Album

A few more for Noah's album! Chantal keeps bugging me about putting flowers on little boy layouts, but I really can't help it. After scrapping 3 girls for so many years, I don't know how to do a layout without a flower and they look incomplete to me if there isn't any on there! LOL! I think they're OK for a baby boy, but maybe when he gets older, I'll have to learn how to put "guy" things on there. Must do some thinking on that, as he's growing fast. The other day when I had him, he was into everything, pulling books off the shelf, trying to climb stairs, picking stuff off the floor. He's keeping me hopping for sure.


Sandy Davis said...

Great layouts, and I like the flowers on there. Use them myself on boys layouts. I also really love all the squirrel stuff on your papers and etc.

Kristina H said...

Your layouts are adorable...and I like the flowers ;)

Cindy Gay said...

Noah's a doll and these layouts are really nice.