Tuesday, July 20, 2010


Mariel and I just got back from our trip to Las Vegas. We drove down there this time and it was really nice for him to get to see all the scenery along the way. It's really very pretty country most of the way down. We were pretty lucky and didn't hit much road construction, although we saw lots all the way down. The trip went way too fast and I'm ready to go back. I just don't know where the time goes! Vegas of course was wonderful. Lots of fun! We didn't make any big money, but enough to keep us happy every now and then. It was fun just sitting by each other, discussing the machines and what we could have won had the spin gone differently. The funniest thing that happened was due to my stupidity! I keep telling Mariel to make sure to read machines before he started playing. Well, we were walking by a machine and it was one I really liked. I saw a number 1 on the machine and assumed it was pennies, so I told Mariel we should sit there and play because there were 2 together and we could each have our own. I put my money in, spun once and then realized it was 20 line DOLLARS, not pennies! I quickly told him to cash out, which he did. I had this look of horror on my face because I had just lost 20 dollars in one spin. He looked at his ticket and realized that he had just won something big and had gotten $214.00! So in the end, it turned out good, but he sure didn't let me live that one down the whole trip and kept teasing me about if I wanted to play dollars again! Needless to say, I was very careful about making sure I was playing the right denomination after that! We did lots of shopping along the way. Mariel was very excited to visit the Cabelas and The Bass Pro Shop. I was wanting to visit scrapbook stores, but was very disappointed to find that most of the ones I wanted to go to had closed down, 5 in total! I was almost like Scrapbooking was going out in some States! I hope I have more luck next trip with my stores!


Sandy Davis said...

Thanks for your nice comment today. Great pictures but those bugs are eeeewww...Sounds like you guys had a good time and I am sure we will see some layouts now. Missed you posting!
Sorry about the shopping but I hope I have better luck on my vacation in a couple of weeks because I also planned on hitting some scrapbook stores on my travels down the road! Hoping to find that they have some of the paper lines being released after CHA!

Canadian Candy said...

Hi Char... Nice job on your blog. We did that drive down to vegas at one time too.. took some time on the highway 101?? The one along the coast line.. Wow that was impressive.
Didn't spend enough time in Vegas and would LOVE to go back too.
Great pics so colorful and clear!! Love your layouts too.
Sherry.. from Alberta