Tuesday, November 24, 2009


UGH! I have a dilemna. I got a new computer recently and my old scanner doesn't work with it for some reason. I'm abit technologically impaired. Most likely some techie would be able to get it to work. Anyhow,I tried taking a photo of my layouts and they turn out all wonky and mishapen. Yet I see other people have taken pictures of theirs and they look fine for some reason. I guess I'm missing something and this also will obviously require some work to figure out. I tried looking for a new scanner, but in my mind, I thought they'd have 12X12 ones out already. Apparently, they don't. Well, I should qualify that by saying, I did ask and you can special order them, but the guy told me that they'd be around $1000.00!!!!! HUH???? For a scanner? Um...I think I'll just learn how to take a picture for that price! LOL!

What I am very pleased about is the number of terrific sites I have been finding since getting this blog together. I love sites that have sketches and WOW, I have found a whole lot to keep me busy for a very long time. Now I just need to find the time! LOL! I've been spending so much time reading that I haven't actually had any time to scrapbook. So much great inspiration out there and so many blogs to visit. My files are getting full because all I'm doing is saving, saving, saving and reading, reading, reading!

Thanks to all the wonderful people that share their work and sites! Makes it so easy for the rest of us!

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