Monday, July 14, 2014

Buttons! Buttons!

Today over at SOUS the Project Life Challenge was to use buttons on your spread! Who doesn't have tons of buttons in their stash? I know I do and in every color imaginable!

This weeks spread includes a lunch date with Mariel at DQ! How romantic! LOL! I put in a text conversation that I had with Renee. I was abit stumped at first because the screen shots on the iPhone come out as png files and I needed jpegs. Well, Paint to the rescue! So for anyone who needs to, converting photos to different files in Paint is a really easy, super fast thing to do. Glad I found that out! I also included a couple of photos of the grandkids playing at our house. It was so funny. I had gone out to buy them toys and lots of bubble things to play with because we didn't seem to have many outdoor toys. When they were leaving, they nicely clutched them all in their hands and took them home! Guess grandma has to go shopping again! LOL!

So anyways, pop on over to the SOUS blog to see the other projects with buttons and to enter your own project for a chance at a great prize this month!

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Rosie said...

I love the happy colours! Nice job on the challenge!