Monday, September 9, 2013

Project Life- SOUS

The challenge this week at SOUS was to use office supplies. I find that office supplies are a fun and easy thing to use on Project Life layouts. One thing I really love to use to attach things in my PL is staples. That little mini stapler and colored staples that I bought years ago are sure coming in handy these days. Another fun item are paper clips. Sure you can use the regular kinds, but how fun are the shaped ones? Again, another thing I had bought years ago and didn't know what to do with them! LOL! I also figured that tags would be an office supply item, so on that went as well as a date label. And last, but not least, a very lonely item in my plates. Somehow, I thought I needed these in every color imaginable! Sure came in handy this week!

So, dig through your scrappy supplies! I'm sure you have many things that would add fun and interest to your Project Life pages. Make sure to enter them in the SOUS challenge! I'd love to see which ones you used and how!


Cindy Gay said...

Great job with this project Char. This is real life scrapbooking!

Lynn said...

I just had to chuckle reading your post. See, all those things we think we won't need and hang on to? re-purposed them, lol... Love your page Char. You inspire me!