Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Project Life....Revisions Already???

So, I started working on my first pages of Project Life and I'm finding that I already have to make some revisions! LOL!  Here is my Week 1 and I'll tell you what I'm revising.
First of all this seemingly simple page took me HOURS to finish. Why? Because I obsess!!! Blah! I really need to stop overthinking this project. So here is what I'm changing....

My pictures from my iphone app thingy are not coming out good. They are all blurry and pretty yucky looking and that bugs me. Unfortunately, my photos for the next couple of weeks come from my camera, so they're all going to look like that. After that I'm going to start using my better camera. I want to play more with it anyways and learn some new things, so that might be a better thing for me.

Doing a double page spread is somewhat daunting, so I think I am going to just do one page per week. I saw someone on their blog had done this and a light bulb went off in my head. DUH! Why did I ever think it HAD to be a double page spread? The only time there may be a double is if there are tons of things going on that week. Usually, there isn't! LOL!

Using some printables are nice, especially when you find ones that print properly. It does take some time to find these gems, but I've made a folder on my computer and when I find one that works for me, I just stick it in there for future use. I'm not going to spend hours looking for these though. I did find a really nice one here that prints wonderfully and will be great for the month cards. I just added some snowflake stickers and a snowman to mine. I also found the "Week 1" cards somewhere, but for the life of me, I can't find the website now. As I find some nice freebies, I will share the links here. ( Just have to remember what they are LOL)  I was originally going to do PL by the month, but scrapped that idea really quickly.

I'm going to try pulling out some random materials and just using those on my pages instead of looking through ALL my stuff, which is a pain. ( or I just might have too much stuff) Jury is out on that! :)

I do want to start including other things in my PL. Somehow, someway, I'm going to make this project my own. It will happen, so bear with me as I figure it out. I really do love the idea of this Project and I do enjoy doing it ( even though it sounds much like I don't :). I just need to find my way.


Lynn said...

Your doing great Char. It's the journey. Each page can be different and that's the beauty of it. I love that your sharing your journey with us!

KellyCreates said...

Hmmm...I'm thinking I"ll wait til YOU have this PL all figured out and then I'll do what YOU did. ha ha ha! Thanks for explaining your process Char!

Cindy Gay said...

You did a great job!

Buffy Esser said...

Oh Charlotte this is wonderful! I don't understand why you would HAVE to use two pages like you unless there was a whole lot going on at the time,I think you doing a wonderful Job......as long as your liking it and its what you want then its all good!