Sunday, November 4, 2012

Art Journal- Lessons Learned

Today's post is all about learning from my mistakes! For anyone out there new to mixed media, here are some things you might want to keep in mind! For the rest of you experienced folks, you can just snicker and hope karma doesn't get you! :)

1. Keep a sheet of waxed paper or something similar to that inbetween your art journal pages while working. Really helps contain the  mess and drippage to just one spot and will not result in your other pages getting, well, lets just say...ruined!

2. Gelatos and mod podge are not good friends! Maybe because they are both water based! Anyways, when you try and put one on top of the other, they smear together!  Now, unless that is the look you're going for,  maybe you have to let one totally dry before doing anything with the other! Hmm, must try that. ( And on that note, thick, shiny, glittery paper also doesn't like mod podge.)

3. When stamping with StazOn ink, make sure you keep your fingers, knuckles or other body parts away from your paper or else you end up with black dots everywhere that you didn't want them! Some might say this is artistic though! :) Oh yeah, and if you get it on your fingers and try to work around something else, it will get all black too. Apparently StazOn is a "loose" term!

4. Do not try to color with paint pen around stamped letters until they are totally and I do mean TOTALLY dry!

Ok, so that was the result of playing with gelatos and pitt pens. Lots of fun and lots of learning going on today. It's all a process!


Sandy Davis said...

For all you "trials" your page is very pretty! They are fun to work on and sorry but I did have to giggle over a couple of your mis-haps. But only because I have to always learn the hard way as well!

Cindy Gay said...

What a fine job you're doing!

Sharon Fritchey said...

Awesome page!!!! It is totally beautiful. I love your "tips," too!

Lynn said...

I'm just chuckling over your mishaps. I too have had a few of my own.'s not a mistake, it's a creative mishap! I love this page. So fun and I love all the flowers! I think we should get together and see what trouble we can get into playing with our new goodies!