Saturday, September 29, 2012

Art Journal

I'm getting out of my comfort zone! I took the plunge and signed up for a mixed media class at my LSS given by Limor Webber. Limor is a very talented scrapbooker and mixed media artist. You can visit her blog here. At first I wasn't too sure about this whole thing, but my sister convinced me it would be a fun thing to do together, so away we went! I have to tell you that I LOVED IT! What total fun this is! So freeing and liberating! I had a blast at this class and I learned so much. It was amazing. The class will be running once a month until the end of June. Today we made the front and back cover of our Art Journals. Now, I can't take any credit whatsoever on the design as Limor showed us her sample and how she did it and then we just went ahead and tried to re-create it. Everyone's turned out so different looking though. Really neat to see. Anyhow, here is how mine turned out!

Now, I have to say that I was quite impressed with myself being as how this is my very first try with mixed media! I was very worried that I wouldn't be able to do this. I guess I am used to just scrapbooking and scrapbooking in a certain way.  Maybe now I'll get out of my comfort zone with that too! Things like texture paste before today were a foreign concept to me. Now, I love that stuff! LOL! Here is the back cover...

 I can't wait for the next class! We will be making pages to go inside our journals!


madscrappertoo said...

soo funky Charlette.. you did a great job!! loove!

KellyCreates said...

Wooohoooo! This is AWESOME, Char!