Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Really?....All About Me Challenge

The June challenge for All About Me was really alot of fun for me! The topic this month is This Drives Me Nuts! I decided to take kind of a humourous approach to this theme, but seriously this does drive me nuts!  I understand technology and the advances and how they're so important and life changing to us, blah, blah, blah and all that, but seriously? Where did manners go? I remember the days ( and I'm showing my age here), when you went to visit someone and they actually talked to YOU! They didn't answer phone calls. They didn't talk with other people. They didn't make arrangements to go out with other people. They just focused on visiting with you! Or worse yet, I remember when you could sit in a room with another person and not have to text them! I remember times when nothing was so important that it couldn't wait until you got home to deal with it. People could not reach you 24/7 for every little thing. I remember times when standing in line and waiting for something that you could actually converse with a stranger. Now everyone has their eyes glued to a cell phone. Sometimes I really miss people with manners!

Materials- Patterned Paper- JilliBean Soup Neopolitan Bean Bisque, Cardstock- Bazzill, Punchouts and Cardstock Stickers- JilliBean SoupNeopolitan Bean Bisque, Letter Stickers- Echo Park, Doodlebug, Brads- Making Memories, Arrow- From my Stash, Ribbon- Dollar Store, Ink-Ranger Tim Holtz, Torn Journal Block- Making Memories Noteworthy


Lynn said...

Fabulous! I love the theme to your layout. You can throw me into the stone age too because I agree with you. Nobody even bothers calling any more, it's all texting!! I love your design and the paper line you chose...Again...fabulous!

Cindy Gay said...

This is good! gotta love it. . . great picture!

KellyCreates said...

You know how much I can relate to this! lol! AWESOME page!