Tuesday, April 3, 2012


Well, this is one that I'm taking absolutely no credit for. This fabulous creation was designed by the wonderfully talented Kelly. She teaches classes at my LSS and I had signed up for this class because as soon as I saw the sample, I knew I wanted to do it. Well, as luck would have it, there was a major snowstorm the night of the class and I didn't attend. I was pretty bummed out about missing out on meeting Kelly, but I did pick up the kit and (finally) I finished it. I was waiting for just the right picture to put in the frame and I decided on doing it about my in-laws 60th wedding anniversary. Now I'm having a major stressor deciding where to hang it. LOL! Just so you know, I did eventually get to meet Kelly. She just happened to be at the store when my sister and I were shopping. Lovely lady and I'm so glad we got to meet. I promised her that I would post it when I was done. Sorry for the wonky photo! I just couldn't get this one straight no matter what I did!

Now I'm off to finish up some other projects that I have started. I'm really good at beginning new things because I love to enter new challenges, but I should finish up some ongoing things. First up will be catching up on my Everyday Life project, which I'm really enjoying. It uses up alot of my stash and  I can include tons of photos that I just don't scrap. Talking about photos, for those of you doing the Picture a Day for 2012, I found this site that has some great ideas for photo taking opportunities! Check it out! fatmumslim These were the ideas for April!


KellyCreates said...

Char, this turned out beautifully! I'm so glad we got to meet irl too :) Love how you altered a few of the elements and made it your own! Fabulous!

Lynn said...

Love the frame..and your right, Kelly is absolutely amazing! Love the photo of the day chart too..one of these days..one of these days, lol

Cindy Gay said...

It's a beautiful framed project.

Kim said...

What a fabulous page!!! I can see how your getting great inspiration from this! Can't wait to see what you come up with:)