Thursday, September 1, 2011

First Day of School.....Note to Self

 Summer is at an end and it's back to school. Renee is starting her last year of elementary school. This is her just before going to school. Notice how co-operative she is posing for the standard Back to School Photos.
 Once we got to school however, it was a different story! Apparently ( and this is where the Note to Self comes into play) is NOT cool when you're in Sixth Grade to have your Mom taking photos of you at school! This of course is the...Mom, seriously, stop taking pictures of me. You're embarrassing me face!
This one is......Really Mom...STOP! So I did, but I did sneek another one of her in her new classroom with her best friend! LOL! Now that school is back in session, it's time for some scrapping! Now to just sort out my scraproom and then I can begin!


Cindy Gay said...

Oh this is funny! She's so cute and you know she looks like her Mom! Nice to hear from you Char!

KellyCreates said...

Our daughters are the same age...yes, that Grade 6 mix of embarrassment and innocence!! ha ha! Thankfully, mine posed for photos too! Hope to see these scrapped soon, Char :)