Friday, November 19, 2010

First Birthday Card

Noah's first birthday is tomorrow! YAY! I made him this card from a sketch I found at Cardabilities. I really can't believe how fast this first year of his has gone by. He has 7 teeth. He walks around furniture and can stand by himself for a few seconds. He may start walking soon because he has taken a few steps by himself just this week. He is very curious about everthing around him. He loves his cars, trains and trucks and anything electrical. He enjoys reading books, looking at pictures and eating! LOL! He is starting to try and say some words. He can wave bye-bye. He gives the greatest kisses in the world and is just the joy of my life!


Sandy Davis said...

You sound like such a proud Grandma! The card is awesome, love it. Look forward to seeing you b-day party lo's.

Kristina said...

What a sweet card! Hope the birthday is great!!

Martha said...

oh how cute!
thanks for playing with Cardabilities