Monday, November 29, 2010


After lots of debate, I finally decided to just go ahead and buy a Cricut. I'm really happy that I did. I bought the Create a Critter cartridge because I wanted to learn about layers and how to do them. This project was in the little book that comes with it, so Renee and I spent some time learning about how to create this critter! It turned out pretty cute and will make a cute card for a special little boy one day. Too bad I didn't have it for his first birthday! I keep teasing my sister about all the occassions I could give this card to her for. How about..Have a Dinomite Day! ...You did a DinoMite job on your new LO!.... You are a DinoMite sister!....It was DinoMite that you won the Bo Bunny challenge! See...the list can just go on and on! The possibilities are endless!

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Sandy Davis said...

How exciting, you are going to love your Cricut!!!!!