Saturday, May 29, 2010

The Scrappiest Sketch #64

Using up that Crate Paper! It's hard to find pet papers that I really like. I do however like the Max and Whiskers line. It's very cute. I just might invest in some one day soon.
I love how Renee and Moxie bonded from the first day we had her. They are constant companions. Moxie shows great patience with her and that's a good thing because Renee is constantly holding her, cuddling her, dressing her up, etc! Throughout their "photo shoot", Moxie was incredible and just sat as posed for numerous pictures. That's pretty good for a 6 month old puppy I think!


Sandy Davis said...

Thats so cute, and Moxie did do great if she willing to sit thru all the poses! Thats a great sketch, and like your take it on it.

Cindy Gay said...

Very cute layout. Love the arrows.