Wednesday, March 24, 2010

This is Bryce and his Bestman Bill just outside the church before the ceremony was about to start. He doesn't look nervous at all. This is Page 5 of the Wedding Album. I'm doing it all out of order as I see ideas or think of something to do for a particular page. I counted last night and I have 6 pages left to do out of the 20 I started with, so I'm getting there. I'm very eager to move onto something new, but I want to do this album justice. I'm finding as I go here that I'm putting less effort into the pages in an attempt to get them done and that's just not right. I want the whole album to look good, not just some of the pages.

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bakscrap said...

Char, I have admired your wedding layouts on Did you use sketches from a certain source? or are they your own creations? I hope to get started on my own album soon.